Healthy and Delicious Skewers Make Excellent Appetizers

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What are some quick and delicious healthy appetizers I can make for a crowd?

Healthy and Delicious Skewers Make Excellent Appetizers

One of the easiest ways to create an impressive spread for friends and family while entertaining is to offer easy-to-make appetizers. Providing healthy options that are still tasty ensure guests will gobble them up without feeling guilty later. Utilizing skewers makes for an attractive visual appeal and easy cleanup, plus they are inexpensive and can be made for a small group or a large party quickly.

There are two basic ways to create an exceptional and healthy skewer. The first is to have a single food type on each lance, and the second is to vary complementary flavors for interest. The latter style is more aesthetically pleasing, but both are good choices. Below are listed two popular combinations that are guaranteed to wow at any party.

Caprese Salad: The classic Italian combo. The key to this recipe is purchasing the highest quality ingredients on the market.

-Cherry Tomatoes
-Fresh Basil
-Burrata Mozzarella

Simply slide each ingredient onto the pick in succession, repeat until the skewer is nearly full. Dribble on a fruity and fragrant olive oil and dust lightly with salt. Serve cold.

A Taste of Spain: For something with more of a punch of flavor, try this meaty, salty and fruity mix. This recipe has more calories than the last, but the small portions keep it relatively healthy and manageable.

-Spanish Chorizo Sausage
-Manchego Cheese
-Cantaloupe Balls

Cut chorizo and cheese into bite size pieces, then as with the Caprese Salad, slide each component onto the skewer in ascending order, serve cold.



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